Vertical and Horizontal Bone Augmentation with Khoury Bone Plates

The most difficult of bone grafting techniques are the vertical and horizontal techniques. This video shows a way to utilize thin autogenous bone plates to create stunning bone. This is not the easiest technique but it is definitely the fastest way to grow bone and is quite predictable in the right clinician’s hands.

Khoury’s split bone block technique harvests an autograft from the buccal shelf. The bone block(s) fixed to the alveolar ridge recreate the bony envelope within which bone particulate may be packed to reconstruct the site. An implant may even be placed simultaneous to the augmentation should it be placed in the correct prosthodontically planned position and with enough residual bone to gain acceptable primary stability. An aesthetically pleasing reconstruction can be achieved should the implant osseointegrate, the bone augmentation heal to restore the ridge architecture, and possibly the soft tissue also augmented to bulk the gingival marginal seal around the restoration. 1,2,3,4

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4 thoughts on: Vertical and Horizontal Bone Augmentation with Khoury Bone Plates

  1. Yaron Miller says:

    Hi Howard

    I really like this technique which you performed masterfully. 2 questions, 1)what are you conditioning the root surfaces with? and 2) Is there any way to do this procedure without obliterating the vestibule when you release of the buccal flap?

  2. Howard Gluckman says:

    HI Yaron. The conditioning of the root is Prefgel which is used prior to Emdogain placement. The emdogain is used to help new attachment procedure on the root that has lost bone. to answer your second question the answer is simple. It is NO. you have to get passive closure to get a successful bone augmentation. this reduction will be managed with an apically repositioned flap in the exposure process.

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