Implant Identification Elusive: Solution?

This patient had 2 implants done years ago. I was able to ID one of them, the other is elusive. I've contacted Implant Direct and Preat Technical for advice. It seems to be a Straumann similar product. I ordered and tried a Strauman Scanpost, it did not work. I was asked for a radiograph without the coverscrew. I noticed that the hex is at the end where the screw exits, so I tried a Nobel 5.0 Scanpost and a 4.5 Scanpost. the 5.0 measures 2.6mm at the hex, and the 4.5 measures 2.2mm at the hex. It might be that something that measures 2.4mm would work. I am thinking of taking a VPS impression of the internal of the implant and directly measuring it. If we solve this I might change my ID to Sherlock or at least Dr. Watson. Thanks for your consideration.