Performing implant placement during full sedation?

I am going to be placing 6 upper implants and 2 lower implants for a patient in 2 weeks who insisted on being fully sedated during the procedure. I do not perform this service and found an office who "rents out" their space for such a thing, providing an anesthesiologist for a fee.

I am very familiar with the actual surgery, but I have never performed a surgery on a fully unconscious patient. I will be using a fixed guide for placement on the upper arch which is edentulous. The patient has a full complement of teeth on the lower except for #19 and 29 which is where I will be placing single implants via freehand. What I am wondering is if there are any pointers, large or small, that people may give that they have gained through their experience? I am looking at this as working with "dead weight"...that is, every little bit of opening, etc, will have to be done by my assistant and/or some other method(s). Thank you for your time.

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