Video: Mini Dental Implants Surgery

This video shows a simple surgery performed at Aggarwal Dental Clinic in Jalandhar ,India, to insert mini Dental Implants for an overdenture.

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  1. Andrew Sklar DDS says:

    I found this video helpful to actually see someone do a case like this. I think some narrative would be helpful. To tell the listener what you are doing and what you should be careful about. Dhese cases are easy but one can mess up easily if you aren’t careful.

  2. sergio says:

    it’s been my experience thatit’s better if you can place 6 minis for upper denture to decrease risk of them prematurely falling. For upper cases, mini do have lower success rate. but, it still works good if you are careful in choosing right cases.

  3. Ken Clifford, DDS says:

    My experience with upper implant stabilized removable prosthesis has not been great. In my opinion (no research), the constant slight movement allowed by the o-rings, or whatever retention used, does not allow the mini implant to fully osseointegrate. Even using 10 minis with removable (if you can get them semi-parallel), will probably not truly osseointegrate. My procedure, the mini implant hybrid bridge denture alternative, cements the appliance to the implants. No tissure contact. Open tissue side for proper maintenance. Fully implant supported. No implant micromovement in a full arch splinted arrangement. Good luck to all with the removables. I don’t do them at all now, and I love the reponses from happy patients when they have fixed restorations at realistic fees.

  4. sergio says:

    Interesting, Dr.Clifford.
    You use denture teeth you said?
    How do you construct it? Make it like regular denture then take out flange areas?

  5. Ken Clifford, DDS says:

    Sergio – Yes, I use IPN teeth with GC America pour acrylic over MDL mini implants. There is a pretty good description on my website – click on my name in this message to see it. I am working on a Dentaltown case report, but not quite ready to post yet.

  6. sergio says:

    Dr. Clifford. very interesting. You must have a lab on your office to be able to get the whole process done in just a few days. by the way, you mentioned you don’t use minis to replace single tooth any more. Why?
    Were there concerns, problems that you ran into over time? Great web site though.

  7. Ken Clifford, DDS says:

    Sergio – I used to have an in-house lab. It was needed as I was developing the process, but when I closed the full-service dental office, I left the lab behind. I have two local labs who are now building cases for me. The owners of these labs thought my mini implant bridge was so cool that they are willing to help with quick service. It also helps that I got better with making temporaries – it takes some of the stress out of it to have patients comfortable while we get the final bridge built.

  8. dr koutsavakis m says:

    according to maxilla dentures supported by mini implants what results to you have if youdo immediate loading?in addition did you try to load it after the 8 weeks of osteointegration?

  9. Ken Clifford, DDS says:

    How are you going to keep all forces off the mini implants for 8 weeks? Using soft relines will still let lateral forces move the implant slightly. Immediate loading is what I do with the fixed mini implant hybrid bridge because I cement it immediately, but if the removable denture with housings is placed correctly, the mini is not loaded at all from the vertical. It is supposed to be tissue supported, mini implant stabilized for a removable. My success rate with that technique, even using the I-Cat to ensure proper placement, has not been great. If it works for you, enjoy, but I still don’t see a problem with cementing the “denture” with full clearance above the tissue.

  10. dr koutsavakis m says:

    dr cllifort first of all thnks for your comments.yes i relined with soft reliner to avoid vertical forses an d also i try to decrease lateral forses by fixed reliner also in lateral sides of denture until the layer of gingivibuggal new guestion is you use hybrid bridge even with 3 or 4 implants in maxilla?

  11. Ken Clifford, DDS says:

    I have rarely done a unilateral mini implant hybrid bridge in the maxilla. It worries me to not have the lateral support you get with a roundhouse bridge. However, I have seen several examples from other mini implant dentists with good results if the bone is of adequate density and volume. Of course, you could also do a conventional implant bridge in that situation, but the cost is so much more that many patients can’t pay for it. My favorite personal example is a six unit maxilary anterior bridge (#6-#11) on six 2.5mm x 18mm mini implants from MDL. Those who claim poor “emergence profile” with mini implants should see some of these. One third the price of conventional and a very happy patient.

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