Minimally Invasive Implant Dentistry Utilizing Mini Dental Implants

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About This Webinar

Minimally Invasive Implant Dentistry Utilizing Mini Dental Implants
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Presenter: Benjamin Oppenheimer, DDS

Topics Covered

*Responsible MDI Indications
Case Selection
Treatment Options
*Case Planning
CBCT Benefits over Traditional Radiography
*Pertinent Anatomy for Surgical Confidence
*Advanced Removable Applications
*Appropriate Fixed Applications
*Questions and Answers

Webinar Details

The tremendous versatility of mini dental implants and the success of these treatment plans over the past decade have resulted in many clinicians choosing to implement MDIs to enable them to serve those patients who may be contraindicated to conventional implant treatment. As mini dental implants gain wider acceptance with general dentists and specialists, their uses have increased from simply securing a lower denture to retaining maxillary dentures, partial dentures, and now even some fixed applications. Whether you are currently placing mini dental implants, conventional implants, or both, this presentation will provide you with valuable information that can help you serve your current and future patients, as well as build your practice. 3M ESPE’s dental implant division (formally IMTEC) has been manufacturing the MDI System for over 10 years, and has customers around the globe. As a result of that success and the demand it has created, various other implant manufacturers are now beginning to offer smaller diameter implants in addition to their conventional implants, and there is no reason to believe that this trend will not continue.

Mini dental implants are by no means intended for all implant indications, or meant as a replacement for conventional implants. However, when used responsibly they can help clinicians to present some patients with more treatment options that can result in increased implant case acceptance. Many patients with limited bone for conventional implants can be successfully rehabilitated with mini dental implants. The surgical procedure does not typically require a flap, making it minimally invasive and as such, appealing to both patients and clinicians. Additionally, as cost is sometimes a factor that deters patients from considering implant dentistry, mini dental implants can offer a more economical treatment option to these patients and may attract a wider clientele to the dental practice, enabling more people to subsequently improve the quality of their lives through dental implant treatment.

This presentation will introduce increased uses of mini dental implants as well as the various factors that go into the treatment planning process. The surgical procedure as well as prosthetic techniques will also be covered to give the dentist a clear understanding of the process. Dr. Oppenheimer will also cover the limitations of mini dental implants, and outline clear guidelines for when conventional implants should be indicated. There will be a Q&A following the presentation.

About Dr. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer

Benjamin Oppenheimer, DDS is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine where he was acknowledged for Academic Excellence and won the International Congress of Oral Implantologists Award. He is currently a Fellow of the ICOI. With his years of mini dental implant experience, Dr. Oppenheimer has been a lead industry speaker for 3M ESPE as well as for some of the industry’s leading mini dental implant restorative dental laboratories. His knowledge of implant hardware, equipment, bone grafting materials & techniques, CBCT, digital implant planning, and minimally invasive implant dentistry have enabled him to help open new opportunities for hundreds of dentists across the nation. Dr. Oppenheimer has authored several scientific articles, and has helped thousands of dental implant patients in his private practice in Amherst, NY.

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8 thoughts on “Minimally Invasive Implant Dentistry Utilizing Mini Dental Implants

  1. I am amazed at how you can have a webinar that starts at 8:00PM EST which equates to 5:00PM WST.
    We in the Western States are still working when you start your program. Please consider this and offer the program at a later date or at least let us view it at a later time when we are home.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Every webinar we do is recorded and provided to users to watch at their convenience and leisure at any time.

    It is difficult to find a time that works for everyone worldwide for the live webinar, so we always record the live lectures. The recordings are usually available within 48 hours of the live lectures.

  3. hello,i am general dentist.I thank you and ask these webinars are included more videos as one picture is enough than one thousand words and one video is enough than one thousand pictures.

  4. Well, I’m happy to read that in the future I can watch it afterwards. For the webinar about mini imlants time in Belgium was at 2AM till 3.15AM . I can say I’m not working anymore at that time!

  5. very nice presentation! could turn a way around for gentist who hesitate to do conventional implants which is financially expensive, especially for the dentist in developing countries! comparitively low priced its a boon for financially low patients willing to maintain their oral hygiene! good presentation dr bro, thank you!

  6. Excellent presentation Dr. Oppeneheimer- It’s great to see a resource like Osseonews offer quick and easy access to education from experienced clinicians like this. Doctors who would like hands-on MDI training should visit to find a seminar to attend.

    Thanks again for your support of 3M.

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