Dental Implant Cases

Apical peri-implantitis: thoughts on this case?Periapical radiographs

The radiograph revealed a periapical radiolucent lesion on the apical portion of implant #9. The implant was not mobile and had stable peri-implant tissue.

Enucleation of large periapical area: do I graft the defect created?IMG-20140722-WA0003-2

I am planning on placing an implant in 22 site. There is a large periapical area/cyst associated with with the root of the tooth.

Top threads not filled in with bone: any solution?implant2

The implant and area around it are asymptomatic and stable. Any solution to the exposed threads?

Fractured ratchet driver in internal hex: how to remove?Fractured ratchet driver in internal hex connection

I was inserting a 6mm diammeter implant in #19 and upon torquing down the implant, the ratchet driver fractured inside the internal hex connector.

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Dental Implant Questions

Zygomatic implant-caused infection in sinus which surgery does not resolve: thoughts?

Patient had 2 zygomatic implants and 4 conventional implants installed in the maxilla and was restored with a fixed-detachable hybrid denture. Over 14 month period beginning one year after installation of final denture, patient had 100% blocked sinus on left only.

Short implants for mandible overdenture?

Any experience using shorter implants in the anterior area on a resorbed mandible for Locators/ball attachments for an overdenture? 

How to remove cemented crowns from abutment?

How to remove cemented crowns from abutment?

Using temporary abutment for xive and ankylos long term?

Can we use the temporary implant abutment provided by Xive and Ankylos (Dentsply) for the long term?

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Dental Implant Webinars

Management of Periodontal Disease: Current Trends and ConceptsHurzler

This webinar helps clarify some of the issues surrounding the treatment of Peridontally involved patients with dental implants.

Immediate loading and maxillary sinus surgery: what’s new?tribute-testori

This webinar covers clinical practice, teaching and research activities, featuring sinus elevation surgery and possible alternatives, hands-on both lateral window and transcrestal techniques.

Soft Tissue Grafting: Enhance your Implant and Restorative ResultsJames-Kohner-230x300

This webinar familiarize you with ways that periodontal Soft Tissue Grafting can enhance your Implant and Restorative results.

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Dental Implant Products

Implant Fixture & Fractured Screw Removal Kitfrsk-01

Now you only need 1 Kit for removing failed implants and fractured screws! Half the price of competing removal kits!

Bone Expander Drills: An Alternative to OsteotomesSBE-EX1

Bone expander drills kit provides an an alternative to osteotomes for the expansion and condensing of the atrophic mandible and maxilla in preparation for dental implant insertions.

DentoGen Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Bone Graft MaterialDentoGen_3D

DentoGen is an FDA-approved medical-grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate for bone regeneration in dental applications, including dental implants.

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