Dental Implant Cases

Implants Failing Badly: Suggestions?Current Pano

Examination revealed severe bone loss in all four quadrants including the lower molar implants.

Poor bone quality after site preservation: thoughts on this case?pre-op

The bone in this case does not appear dense as compared to other cases that I eventually placed implants in.

Implant fixture seems to be too close to adjacent tooth: Should I remove this fixture?Post op x-ray

#29 implant also has a lingual inclination. Should I explant #29 implant at this time?

Heavy bone loss aound implants in grinder: feedback?2012-2Image32

Note the massive bone loss around the implants. Patient is a heavy bruxer but is too lazy to wear the protective nightguard.

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Dental Implant Questions

Is bone grafting indicated when delivering an immediate denture?

I have read not to put pressure on a site that has been grafted. What about if you are doing a partial or full mouth extraction case for an immediate denture?

Repeated implant failure: causes?

What could be the cause of repeated implant failure in a particular site?

Implants for patient with Chronic lymphocytic leukemia?

I have a 62 year old female patient with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia for the last 8 years.

Zest Locators coming out: suggestions?

I performed a chair side pickup of the Locator housings and chair side relines. Every 6 months or so, a Locator or two comes out.

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Dental Implant Webinars

Mandibular Alveolar Ridge Expansion with Delayed Implant PlacementAl-Faraje

In this video Dr. Louie Al-Faraje demonstrates the proper surgical protocol of executing mandibular alveolar ridge expansion with delayed implant placement.

Maxillary Alveolar Ridge Expansion Using Split-Cortical TechniqueAl-Faraje

Dr. Louie Al-Faraje demonstrates the proper surgical protocol of executing maxillary alveolar ridge expansion with simultaneous implant placement.

Immediate Molar Implantation: Techniques and Proceduresdrttawil_img_0053

When discussing immediate implants, the molar sites are often overlooked. The following presentation demonstrates placement of immediate implants in both mandibular and maxillary molar sites.

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Dental Implant Products

Implant Fixture & Fractured Screw Removal Kitfrsk-01

Now you only need 1 Kit for removing failed implants and fractured screws! Half the price of competing removal kits!

Bone Expander Drills: An Alternative to OsteotomesSBE-EX1

Bone expander drills kit provides an an alternative to osteotomes for the expansion and condensing of the atrophic mandible and maxilla in preparation for dental implant insertions.

DentoGen Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Bone Graft MaterialDentoGen_3D

DentoGen is an FDA-approved medical-grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate for bone regeneration in dental applications, including dental implants.

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