Dental Implant Cases

Loose implant: what do you recommend?DBimage

At 3 months post-op, the dental implant at the #4 site was mobile.

Managing aesthetic implant case: advice?x-ray-immediately-after

4 months post treatment with an implant, an x-ray was taken and I noticed some defects where Bio-oss was placed.

Is this the ideal case for immediate implant placement?image2

Teeth are asymptomatic, no soft tissue pathoses and no purulent discharge. Is this the ideal case for extraction and immediate installation of implants?

Management of max/posterior molar: any advice?14-implant

The implant didn’t go in tight and resulted in a spinner when trying to place cover screw over and inability to completely cover implant platform.

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Dental Implant Questions

Advice on flap exposure with Titanium mesh?

Unfortunately during the recall appointment today I noticed there was about a 1cm exposure of the titanium mesh but with absence of infection or discharge.

All-on-4: bone resorption?

Do you observe any particular tendency in bone resorption patterns around the implants when doing All on 4?

How to test the efficiency of a physio-dispenser?

How do you test the efficiency of a Physio-Dispenser implant engine? Can you use mandibular jaw bone for that?

Extracting too many teeth and replacing them with implants?

Given the current treatment protocols, is it fair to inquire whether we are too ready on the trigger to extract and replace with implants?

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Dental Implant Webinars

Implant Treatment: The State of Supporting Bonemshulamn

In this video, Dr. Mike Shulman reviews several topics related to implant placement and the state of the supporting bone.

Sinus Augmentation Through the Osteotomy Site Technique (Socket Lifting)Al-Faraje

In this video, Dr. Louie Al-Faraje demonstrates the proper surgical protocol of executing the osteotomy sinus lifting with simultaneous implant placement.

Best Flap Designs for Implant Surgeryzivsimon

In this webinar, Dr. Ziv Simon, will discuss different Flap designs for implant surgery, including placement and uncovering.

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Dental Implant Products

PTFE Suturesptfeweb_28750-150x150

PTFE non-resorbable Sutures are ideal sutures for implant dentistry due to their monofilament construction which eliminates bacterial wicking.

Implant Fixture & Fractured Screw Removal Kitfrsk-01

Now you only need 1 Kit for removing failed implants and fractured screws! Half the price of competing removal kits!

Bone Expander Drills: An Alternative to OsteotomesSBE-EX1

Bone expander drills kit provides an an alternative to osteotomes for the expansion and condensing of the atrophic mandible and maxilla in preparation for dental implant insertions.

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