Dental Implant Cases

Soft tissue inflamed: Should I replace the crowns?part of panoramic radiograph

The soft tissue appears quite inflamed around implants. I’m thinking replacing the crowns would be the way to go.

Maxillary sinus lift surgical techniques: Hammerless intra-crestal approach11

This is a clinical presentation where we will explore the Hammerless intra-crestal approach.

Who is the manufacturer of this implant in area #26?Implant #26

This patient presented to my office with no knowledge of who placed this implant in area of #26 about 3 years ago.

Implant in Upper Right quadrant: Can I avoid an open sinus lift?17659-case

My most important question is if I can avoid the open sinus lift approach & gain the sufficient length from the closed sinus lift only?

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Dental Implant Questions

MED: Using electromagnetics to accelerate bone formation and osseointegration?

Magdent’s MED utilizes the well-known and clinically accepted treatment method of electromagnetics fields to stimulate bone formation, and suppress peri-implantitis.

Early suture breakage on bone graft: how to proceed?

I installed an implant and also did a bone graft in #13 site and covered with a cytoplast membrane and sutured the site.

Best type of suture for implant surgery?

Can any one shed some light on what kind of suture is better for implant surgery?

Pain around osseoinegrated implant when touching crown: Causes?

After placement of the prosthetic crown, patient complained of pain when touching the implant on the buccal side and during eating moderate to hard food.

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Dental Implant Webinars

Sinus Augmentation Through the Osteotomy Site Technique (Socket Lifting)Al-Faraje

In this video, Dr. Louie Al-Faraje demonstrates the proper surgical protocol of executing the osteotomy sinus lifting with simultaneous implant placement.

Best Flap Designs for Implant Surgeryzivsimon

In this webinar, Dr. Ziv Simon, will discuss different Flap designs for implant surgery, including placement and uncovering.

Mandibular Alveolar Ridge Expansion with Delayed Implant PlacementAl-Faraje

In this video Dr. Louie Al-Faraje demonstrates the proper surgical protocol of executing mandibular alveolar ridge expansion with delayed implant placement.

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Dental Implant Products

Implant Fixture & Fractured Screw Removal Kitfrsk-01

Now you only need 1 Kit for removing failed implants and fractured screws! Half the price of competing removal kits!

Bone Expander Drills: An Alternative to OsteotomesSBE-EX1

Bone expander drills kit provides an an alternative to osteotomes for the expansion and condensing of the atrophic mandible and maxilla in preparation for dental implant insertions.

DentoGen Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Bone Graft MaterialDentoGen_3D

DentoGen is an FDA-approved medical-grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate for bone regeneration in dental applications, including dental implants.

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