Dental Implant Cases

Failed block graft in the upper left 1+2 region: ideas?Failed after the second time of grafting.Excuse the excess GIC that  I trimmed after the photos

My patient required bone augmentation for implant installation in his upper left.

Implant perforating sinus floor: prognosis?image

The patient is asymptomatic and the implant is healing well.  It is clear that I perforated the floor of the maxillary sinus.

Clinical Case Study: Extraction of Malpositioned Implant and Placement of New ImplantsFig. 7 Extraction of #26.  Straumann tissue level implants inserted at sites #23 and #26 – note gap at site #26

Patient presented with history of trauma to the mandibular anterior teeth and had avulsed tooth #24 and a dental implant placed by a previous surgeon 3 years prior to being referred to the practice.

Patient wants implants removed as giving bad taste: thoughts?case-4279-3

I have a patient complaining of a bad taste coming from her dental implants and she wants them removed!

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Dental Implant Questions

Angled implants under locator attachments for maxillary denture retention?

Does anyone have much experience with such a set up (angled attachments to parallel the line of draw) on angulated implants?

Copious soft tissue bleeding 2 wks after uncovery surgery?

I noticed that the soft tissue around the healing abutment was red and bled copiously.  I also noted that there was not much keratinized tissue around the implant.

Is a membrane always recommended over xenograft?

I have seen cases with Bioss and similar xenografts where no membrane was placed.

Consideration for GBR multiple extractions for a patient with very short term exposure of Fosamax?

I would like to know what would be the protocol for doing the multiple extractions and GBR procedure and how long do I need to wait to begin?

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Dental Implant Webinars

Maxillary Alveolar Ridge Expansion Using Split-Cortical TechniqueAl-Faraje

Dr. Louie Al-Faraje demonstrates the proper surgical protocol of executing maxillary alveolar ridge expansion with simultaneous implant placement.

Immediate Molar Implantation: Techniques and Proceduresdrttawil_img_0053

When discussing immediate implants, the molar sites are often overlooked. The following presentation demonstrates placement of immediate implants in both mandibular and maxillary molar sites.

Minimally Invasive Implant Techniques: Dramatically Lower Your Overhead By Reducing Your Feesbrady-frank

Dr. Brady Frank presents the top four minimally-invasive implant procedures leading dentists are using to improve patient comfort, reduce overhead, and increase production.

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Dental Implant Products

Implant Fixture & Fractured Screw Removal Kitfrsk-01

Now you only need 1 Kit for removing failed implants and fractured screws! Half the price of competing removal kits!

Bone Expander Drills: An Alternative to OsteotomesSBE-EX1

Bone expander drills kit provides an an alternative to osteotomes for the expansion and condensing of the atrophic mandible and maxilla in preparation for dental implant insertions.

DentoGen Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Bone Graft MaterialDentoGen_3D

DentoGen is an FDA-approved medical-grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate for bone regeneration in dental applications, including dental implants.

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