Compatible abutments for Straumann Standard Fixtures?

I have a patient with Straumann ITI standard (RN) and (WN) implant fixtures. Now Straumann is not available in my country.  Can I use Osstem (Hiossen) or Neobiotech abutments instead of Straumann?  Do you know of any other abutments from other implant companies that would be compatible with these implant fixtures?

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6 thoughts on “Compatible abutments for Straumann Standard Fixtures?

    1. r u sure that hiossen abutment will fit properlyy in straumann standard RN and WN both. what kind of abutment it will be. hiossen ecellent solid regular or wide.

  1. Medentika of Germany produce a whole range of excellent abutments and other compoments for Straumann. Also at a more economical price!
    They also produce many components for most of the other major systems too!

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