Bone Graft Failure: What are My Options Now?

I currently wear a full denture on top, but have my own teeth on the bottom.I had a bone graft performed on my upper jaw, as I planned to get dental implants but didn't have enough bone to support the implants. The bone was removed from my lower jaw, and placed in my upper jaw. But they had to remove some teeth from the bottom jaw so as they could use the bone for the upper jaw area. After the bone graft, my left side of gum area became infected, & the infection spread to my sinus. I had to undergo surgery to clean out affected gum area and had to have my bone graft removed on that side. The other side healed up nicely with out any infection or complications. My question is, what are my options now? Should I retry another attempt at a bone graft, or is there any other options out there for me? I wanted to desperately get rid of the false teeth scenario & plastic plate, but don't know if I can stand another rejected bone graft. What is the percentage rate of failure of another bone graft after the first one failed?

2 thoughts on “Bone Graft Failure: What are My Options Now?

  1. If wearing a removable denture is something you want to avoid then re doing the graft is your best choice. You might want to explore other grafting options with your doctor. In my practice I utilize donor bone putties instead of block grafts with great success.Michael Tischler, DDS

  2. I have great news! It’s extremely likely there’s no need for another bone graft!! Particularly because it’s your upper jaw where all the teeth are missing. Thanks to the revolutionary All-on-4 Dental Implant technique- developed at MALO CLINIC-Lisbon Portugal in the early 1990’s (and has been shown over and over again to be highly successful in the long term), patients can almost always have their implants placed ALONG WITH their non-removable bridge all in the same day….and almost always without bone grafting! I hope you consider this option as the advantages are many and the success rate is extremely high. Do some research before you make a final decision.Best of luck Dr. Steven Moss

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