Bone Graft: Which Type of Dentist Can Do This?

I was told by my dentist that I made need a bone graft before I can get implants. But, I'm wondering can a general dentistry practice dentist perform a bone graft or should I go to a particular specialty for the procedure?

2 thoughts on “Bone Graft: Which Type of Dentist Can Do This?

  1. Any dentist can do bone grafting, whether they are a general dentist or a specialist. Certain grafting procedures are very simple, like extraction socket grafting, while some are more complex and require advanced training and experience, like sinus grafting or vertical ridge augmentation. Make sure that your dentist explains the procedure carefully and that whom ever is going to perform the procedure is properly trained and has experience. Some General dentists may even have more experience than certain specialists, depending on the type of practice they have.
    Hope that was helpful.
    David E. Azar, DDS, FICOI, MgIDE

  2. Bone grafting is a sophisticated procedure and requires thorough knowledge of its biology, tissue management, and techniques. It is by no means simple. In my opinion, it is best performed by those who are formally trained in this procedure and perform it on daily basis. This includes mostly oral surgeons and some periodontists.
    Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

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