Cadaver Bone Graft: Should I Be Worried?

I am scheduled to have 3 dental implants, but need a bone graft prior. Surgeon told me he would be using bone graft harvested from a cadaver. I am terrified. Should I be worried? Does the cadaver bone have a higher risk of infection? Should I be using a different type of bone graft?

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  1. Harvesting your own bone (autogenous) graft is the safest. Synthetic materials, TCP are also extremely safe. The bovine harvested source has an excellent track record and I’ve used this for years without complication. Cadaver bone does have the risk of human pathogens contaminating the graft, however certified bone banks,radiate their materials, killing all organic contaminants. Check the source carefully. Each material has advantages.
    Discuss the options, advantages and benefits with your surgeon at your pre-grafting consultation.Good LuckTheodore M. Grossman D.M.D. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

  2. Cadaver bone that is used by surgeons today has gone through many processes to insure it’s safety and it should not be a concern to you.
    If you feel very strongly against using bone from a cadaver you have other options.
    1- you can use your own bone, harvested from a second surgical site, or
    2- you can use synthetic bone graft materials such as beta tricalcium phosphate with good results.
    There is also bone graft material of bovine origin (from cows), but I assume this may also be objectionable to you.
    You may want to ask your surgeon about these materials.
    Good luck!
    Carlos A. Boudet, DDS, DICOI

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