Can I Eat Only Soft Food After Implants Placed and Temp Installed?

My wife is planning to have all of her upper teeth replaced with dental implants. They are installing a temp for 10-12 weeks for healing. This maybe a stupid question, but what can my wife eat after the implant placed, while the temps are on. Is it only soft food? She is under the impression that after the implants it will be a life of yogurt and soft boiled eggs for 12 weeks. What are some other allowable foods? Thank you

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  1. A varied, healthly diet is very important for normal tissue healing. Luxating the appliance with hard foods will rock the implants and prevent osseointegration. A change in diet is usually not required since a blender can be used for fruit smoothies. Tuna, salmon, egg salads etc. can be made for moderate masticatory resistance. Avoid whole apples, carrots, and foods requiring force for mastication and incisive motions until the implants test integrated.Good luckTheodore M Grossman DMD
    Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

  2. It sounds like she is having immediate restorations placed after dental implants. In this case it is important for her to stay on very liquid or soft diet. Once the implants have healed properly (usually at least 2-3 months), then she may advance to more normal diet. This should however be checked with the treating dentist and surgeon.In terms of diet, hard food that requires chewing should be avoided. Only liquid or soft where not a lot of chewing forces are required.
    Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

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