Dental Flipper: Are there Alternatives?

I went to Mexico for dental implants and was fitted for a flipper. However, the flipper it is very uncomfortable. What are the alternatives to a flipper?

2 thoughts on “Dental Flipper: Are there Alternatives?

  1. I don’t mean to criticize your choices, but having implant surgery out of the country, unless you know the dentist is very knowledgeable and does great work, is a recipe for disaster.
    If the implant dentist is not also the restoring dentist, then he or she should have consulted with the restoring dentist prior to placing implants.
    Your implant dentist should have discussed with you your options for temporization.
    These options could be:
    1 – A temporary fixed bridge utilizing temporary implants or adjacent teeth.
    2 – A flipper with or without clasps.
    3 – An Essix type temporary
    4 – A bonded temporary
    The choice depends on your particular case and your willingness to spend more for a more comfortable temporary.
    Good luck.
    Carlos A. Boudet, DDS, DICOI

  2. Dental flippers can be problem with implants if the fit is not proper. Placing load on the implant too early can cause failure. If it is not fitting properly or it is uncomfortable, you need to have your dentist or the dentist you saw in Mexico, evaluate or adjust it to be more comfortable. Follow up is important with any removable device. Options to replace this flipper depend on location, position of the soft tissues and how long you need it for.
    John A. Vravick, D.D.S., M.S., LTD.

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