Full Upper Denture: How Many Dental Implants Are Needed?

Are 4 dental implants sufficient to support a full upper denture? What if one fails? Do you recommend 5 or even 6 dental implants for a full upper denture?

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  1. Even two implants with appropriate attachments will help you with “retention” of the denture. In this instance, it would remain a removable prosthesis. However,with 4 or more implants (though only 4 are needed when following MALO CLINIC “All-on-4” protocols) you can say “good-bye” to your denture and have fixed (non-removable) teeth once again. Long term studies show over 98% success (implant survival)with “All-on-4”,so failure is not very common,but in the event one is lost, it can be almost always be replaced. So if your considering investing in implants, you may want to consider this option!Best of luck!

    Dr. Steven M. Moss MALO Advanced Oral Rehabilitation

  2. The key to your question is that implants are not used to support a denture, they are used to help retain a denture. Two to four implants can stabilize a denture. This will depend on the amount of bone you have. If you want a fixed implant bridge you will need at least 6 implants. If you do not have enough bone you will need to build that up first. Then you need to know if the sinuses are low. The sinus areas could possibly need a graft also. If you have been wearing a denture for years you will need grafting prior to implant. Be carefull with implants in a day treatment. The main question I would ask the surgeon is: “”who is going to help me maintain these implants””. If they do not have a answer walk away. Using four implants will leave you with a chance for failure if your loose one.

    The need for a fixed upper bridge will depend on how many lower teeth you have and how stable they are. If there are any problems with these teeth you need to take care of them first. Then you need to think about how committed you are to taking care of these implants. With implants you need to make sure you are brushing at least three times a day and seeing your dentist for professional cleanings every three months. If you are not going to commit to maintenance I would simply think about using the implants for retention A fixed implant bridge is similar to a fixed denture screwed into implants.
    John A. Vravick, D.D.S., M.S., LTD.

  3. I am only getting 2 implants done from an oral surgeon due to the large price of 4. I had all my top teeth removed and have tried to get a picture of how the final dentures would look like upon completion w/ just the 2 implants…thus far I have been unable to find such a picture to make sure I am making the right decision going forward. Thanks

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