Implant Placement: How Long Do I Wait After Extraction?

I am still confused by everything I am reading and being told by dentists. Can someone clarify this issue for me: How long should I wait after an extraction to have the implant placed, 6 months, 12 months? Can it be done immediately, as I'm being told by some dentists? What is the standard right now?

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  1. There is no “one” standard answer to this question. It depends on the exact situation in regards to the existing condition of the tooth that is going to be extracted. Implant placement can be anywhere from immediate to several months later depending on many factors. The best way to find out is to discuss your individual situation carefully with your treating dentist.
    David E. Azar, DDS, FICOI, MgIDE

  2. Here is some information that may help you clear things up:
    The bone where the implant needs to be placed always resorbs (shrinks) after the tooth is removed, and the greatest resorption occurs the first six months after an extraction.
    The only thing that will keep your bone from disappearing is the roots of a natural tooth, an implant, or grafting the socket immediately after the tooth is extracted.
    It is well documented in the literature that placing the implant immediately after the extraction has the best chance of maintaining the tissues as close to ideal as possible.
    If you have to have an extraction in the smile zone and cosmetics is important, immediate placement is preferred.
    If you choose delayed placement of the implant (sometimes done when there is an active infection) then make sure you graft the socket to preserve as much bone as possible.
    Good luck.
    Carlos A. Boudet, DDS, DICOI

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