Implants During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Is it safe to have an extraction, dental implant and bone grafting during the pregnancy (I happen to be in the first trimester - second month)? Thank you !

One thought on “Implants During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

  1. Generally speaking, elective surgical procedures (such as implant placement and bone grafting), as well as drug administration, and the taking of x-rays are avoided whenever possible in the first trimester, as that is the time when when organ systems are rapidly developing. As with all patients, your dentist should explain the “benefits vs. risks” when considering any treatment. Of course, “emergency care” (i.e. treatment of an abcess) should be rendered in the safest way possible anytime during pregnancy. Lastly, in order to minimize risk to the fetus from any treatment, it is often a good idea to have your dentist consult your OB/GYN to discuss the timing of any proposed treatment as well as any medications you might receive.Best of Luck with everything!

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