How long can temporary crowns last on implants?

I received an implant on my front top tooth after knocking the tooth out. Then the other front tooth which was an old root canal that got infected needed an implant which i did. i didnt have money or a good permanent dentist to get the permanent crowns on either and then I moved. Its been three years from the first implant and the temporary crown which is now falling off in pieces, the top layer of the front of temp crown fell off today. Do you think I can wait a few days? Do you think the implant is screwed up now, since its been so long without a permanent?

One thought on “How long can temporary crowns last on implants?

  1. Temporary crowns are meant to last a couple of weeks while the permanentone is made.

    Sometimes the dentist uses a temporary crown for several months while waiting for healing or other reasons.

    You are pushing it by waiting so long to place the final crown on the implant.

    Noone can tell you without looking in your mouth if there is a problem or not.

    You may need something as simple as making a new crown or you may have some soft tissue (gums) problem as a result of your neglecting to ffinish the needed treatment.

    I recommend that you see a dentist as soon a you can to determine what needs to be done.

    Good luck! Dr. Carlos Boudet

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