Molar Extracted: Is Implant Really Needed?

I have had to have the top left first molar removed( called #12 molar in Canada). It was removed last month and has healed. I am nervous about the sinus cavity and nerves being hit in an implant procedure, and wonder what will happen if the empty space is just left. Do I really need an implant? I am 60 years old. Will the back two molars shift towards the front? Will the front two teeth, start to have gaps?

One thought on “Molar Extracted: Is Implant Really Needed?

  1. You still have left many years, and a good quality of life during that time is important.I can answer some of the questions you ask, but the decision to replace the missing molar with a dental implant is ultimately yours.The sinus can be a consideration during implant surgery, but you cannot damage any nerves in that area. If the sinus needs grafting, it may be done easily through the osteotomy instead of a lateral window, but both procedures are predictable.The back molars will probably tilt forward, but it is unlikely that you will develop a gap between the front teeth because of the extraction.The first molar is one of the best and most used teeth for chewing your food, so you may miss it if it is not replaced. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself how much you want the tooth back.The extraction will cause you to loose bone in that area, so if you think you may replace it, it is better if you do it soon after the extraction heals and not years after.I hope this helps you in your decision.Good luck.Carlos Boudet, DDS, DICOI

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