Single Dental Implant: What Is A Reasonable Cost?

How much should it cost for a single dental implant with no need for grafting? What is a reasonable fee to have the implant done?

2 thoughts on “Single Dental Implant: What Is A Reasonable Cost?

  1. There is a wide range of fees charged for dental implants, and it changes according to the region, type of practice, low fee advertisements, etc…

    In the United States a range between $1500 to $2000 per implant is common, and you can find dentists that will charge less than that and also more than that.Specialists such as oral surgeons and periodontists usually are on the higher end of the scale.

    You can look at this post on this site for additional comments posted previously:

    Be aware of very low advertised prices.

    Good luck! Dr. Carlos Boudet

  2. I agree with Dr. Boudet. Be aware of advertised low fee’s. Some dentists will advertise low fees for the implant and charge more for the crown and abutment. In general a dental implant with the crown and abutment should be slightly higher in fees to replacing a missing tooth with a 3 unit bridge.Dr. Michael Tischler

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