Too Much Food Is Getting Stuck Between Implants and Gums: What Can I Do?

I just had two implants installed. I have two posts, but one crown to act for two teeth on the lower left molars. When I eat, food becomes lodged at the base where the implants meet my real teeth on both sides. The top is nicely spaced for flossing, but the base feels pyramid- shaped at the gum meeting the teeth. I was told by the dentist that this was normal, and that implants are balloon-shaped. However, it doesn’t feel right and is not enjoyable when eating. It's a huge task to clean the implants after every meal. I know food will get between teeth, but the amount is too much. Any advice? How can I fix this? Is the "balloon theory" correct?

One thought on “Too Much Food Is Getting Stuck Between Implants and Gums: What Can I Do?

  1. There are many variables here. One consideration relates to how much time the bone “healed” under the implants, thus changing the contour of the ridge relationship to the implant crown. Also, if I understand you correctly, you have one implant supporting two crowns, or teeth. The area under the crowns might trap some food, due to their nature, but you seem to indicate that this is troublesome for you, and that there is a lot of food impaction. Your doctor might want to re-check the contours of the crowns as they relate to the ridge, and correct accordingly. Again, a certain amount of food getting trapped in these areas does occur. A water pick with flossing should prove helpful for you.

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