Why would a bone graft fail?

I had a bone graft with no complications, and yet I had no bone growth. What are some of the main reasons why a bone graft would fail? Is it risky to do a second bone graft if the first one failed?

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  1. infection is the main reason for failure of bone grafting,,,u hv nt mentioned which type of bone graft,site of bone graft,did u use membrane or without?

  2. There are many factors that can lead to non-formation of bone in the graft site. It would be hard to give you a clear answer without knowing your medical history,the graft material used,the condition of the site at the time of grafting etc. I wouldn’t say it’s risky to try a second graft attempt but you should discuss your concerns with your dental surgeon.

  3. The main issues that have to be addressed are three: The first is the immobility of the graft (whatever graft granular or block type), the second is the nutrition of the graft i.e. sufficient area of contact with host bone and blood suply and last but not least is the complete coverage with healthy tension free mucosa.
    If you establish all of the above issues you may hope to achieve good results

  4. I had bovine bone implant and two implants in upper left tooth number 4 n 6 (with bridge on 5). I had v bad swelling after and intolerable pain and no sleep for five nights until I got some temazipan. I have had intermittent months of constant pain, swelling, decay taste incapacitating me. I have Chronic Fatique and get diverticulitis. The pressure makes my whole head and neck ache, then there was a ‘breakthrough’ like it ‘burst’ and slowly the pain went. I waited four months for an MRI (OCT 2012 – Feb 21013) by which time the pain had gone so only a translucience on MRI. I KNOW this is an infection but no one will take it all out? How can I have all the implants and bone implant removed? Please help – feel like it is killing me and I cannot work or operate normally and live alone! Thanks Sally

    • Hi Sally- The pain and discomfort you are describing is quite unusual for the treatment that you describe. I would talk to the doctor who did the surgery first and talk about your concerns. If that is not sufficient I would seek out a second opinion from an Oral Surgeon.

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