Zirconia Implants vs. Titanium Implants?

I would like to know what the advantages and disadvantages of zirconia implants are over titanium implants. Do they last as long as titanium and how strong are they?

One thought on “Zirconia Implants vs. Titanium Implants?

  1. We simply do not have the same long range (35 years) data on Zirconia implants (just a few years) as we do for titanium. So, unfortunately no one can honestly answer this question. My question in response would be: unless you have an allergy to titanium (extremely rare) why are we trying to “reinvent the wheel?” Quality implant systems using titanium show 35 years of success upwards of 96%. There is no need to consider Zirconia implants. Zirconium abutments “yes”, but not implants.

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