Immediate loading implant problems: opinions?


Implant was placed aprox 4 weeks ago after extracting tooth because of periapical reaction and multiple decementations of stift plus crown. I checked the angulation of the root of the tooth, took also control picture(2.0) and still end up in not so favorable distance until 1.1(maybe bad fixture(3.75),should have picked a 3.0). Patient was and is asymptomatic. I took a control picture 4 weeks after and the outcome. Patient also is telling me that he is waking up in the night with clinching teeth and also is smoking. I also noticed the rapid papilla and bone loss mesial. I will explant the implant ASAP and graft the alveolar. What would you do? Tooth 1.1 is positive to temperature,negative to percussion.I am looking for honest opinions and help from surgeons or doctors who had or treat similar situations.Thanks