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Implant placement: post extraction or wait longer?

Would it be best to place implants immediately post extraction, in this case, or to wait? [...]

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Class III Malocclusion patient with MS: how would you treat this?

My patient is a 67 year old female with extensive dry mouth and rampant caries. She has a medical history of MS and our[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Opinion in Off Occlusion Cantilevers in Immediate Load in All on 5 cases?

Not too long ago, I was I able to finish my very first All-on-5 implant case. Upon conversion of the immediate lower denture to[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Buried healing cap: advice?

I placed an immediate implant in tooth #10 site and I placed a 2 mm healing cap and a PTFE membrane, instead of the[...]

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Unstable overdenture: suggestions?

The first day the inserts were placed in the housing the overdenture was stable.  The next day the overdenture was rocking and not staying[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Incisive nerve issues: place implant or bridge?

The CBCT revealed nerve involvement. Now I'm in a dilemma, as to whether to risk implant placement or go with a conventional bridge?[...]

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