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Is a Sinus lift needed?

I am planning on placing implants in the edentulous areas of the maxilla and mandible.  Do you think the patient will need a sinus[...]

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Bicon Implant Fell Off Upper Lateral: Reasons?

I placed an immediate Bicon 3x8mm implant after extracting the maxillary right lateral incisor.  The implant exfoliated at night while the patient was[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Implant close to root canal tooth: thoughts?

The implant in the first premolar site is slightly palatal and close to the canine which had endo treatment 2 months prior and has[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

5 Months after Extraction: Place Implant Now or Wait Longer?

I have treatment planned this patient for a 3.75x13 implant in the 35 site which was extracted 5 months ago.  Should I wait a[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Is this implant integrating or is there a complication?

I took a radiograph 3 months after implant placement and I can see bone loss along the mesial surface of implant.[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

How to use Summers technique exactly? What sequence?

I have treatment planned this patient for a Summer's lift to place a Straumann Tissue Level WN 4.8 of 8mm implant in the[...]

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