Clinical Cases Restorative

Implant Placed too Deep: Prosthetic Rehabilitation?

An atraumatic extraction was done and an immediate was placed. Now I realize that the implant is too deeply placed. What are the[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Forgot cover screw and concerned about implant position: opinions?

I forgot to place the cover screw on this implant, as I was too worried verifying the implant position and angulation. I am now[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Placement of Implants in Maxillae and Mandible

Thought I might share a recent case. Patient is a healthy adult male, non-smoker.  He is fed up with mobile broken down dentition.[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Recessions of lower central incisors: comments?

A 23-year-old female patient came to me with a complaint about gingival recession of her lower central incisors.[...]

Clinical Cases Regenerative Surgical

Atrophic mandible: Advice?

I have a patient who is pretty desperate for some added retention in her mandible. I have recommend implants, but she does have a[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Patient with Lower RPD considering implants: opinions on treatment options?

This patient is in good health without any contraindications to treatment and is currently wearing a lower RPD. She wants something more permanent and[...]

Clinical Cases

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