Clinical Cases Regenerative

Grafting the Posterior Mandible?

I am planning on placing a 4.8mm tissue level Straumann implant in the edentulous 36 site. What is your experience in grafting in[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Is Schneiderian Membrane perforated or not?

I have placed two 5x8mm implants in  the 16 and 17 region. I feel that the membrane may be perforated in the region of 17.[...]

Clinical Cases Restorative Surgical

Lesion and Bridge Removed: Place implants or not?

This patient had an extraction with PFM bridge 10 years ago. Following recent issues, can we go ahead with implants or is it better[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Zeramex Zirconia Impant Case on Tooth 13

Case using a Zeramex Zirconia Implant for a patient that presented with pain on the tooth #13, and opted for an implant.[...]

Clinical Cases Restorative

Patient with Bruxism: How to Restore the Implant?

I have treatment planned the left mandibular first molar for an implant.  The main problem  is that the patient has bruxism. [...]

Clinical Cases Restorative

Implant Placed too Deep: Prosthetic Rehabilitation?

An atraumatic extraction was done and an immediate was placed. Now I realize that the implant is too deeply placed. What are the[...]

Clinical Cases

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