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Inter-radicular Bone Exposure following Implant Placement

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Inter-radicular Bone Exposure following Implant Placement in Previous Smoker: Suggestions?

I have a patient who is a young man and a smoker who was a candidate for implants.  After discussing the treatment plan, the[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Cratering around implant: what happened here?

I placed 2 Implant Direct 4.6x6 implants in edentulous sites. At the 3 months follow up, I started noticing cratering around one of[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Soft tissue dehiscence 3 weeks after implant placement: thoughts?

I had placed 2 Nobel Parallel CC implants in the 4th quadrant in the premolar and molar region. It was a straightforward case, I[...]

Narrow space between implant

Clinical Cases Surgical

Space too narrow for implant?

I learned in dental school that the ideal space between the tooth and the implant is 1.5mm.   Is it possible to place an implant[...]

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Deficient Mandibular Arch: How would you rebuild it?

A patient presented looking for an implant solution to missing teeth in lower region. I'm looking for some options for rebuilding the bone[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

What size of Implant: wider or narrow?

I am planning an implant bridge. Ridge width is good, but cortical bone is very thick on buccal and lingual surfaces. Wondering what[...]

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