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Deep decay in canine and implant placement: opinions?

This is a 71 year old lady who came in years ago, but accepted only crowns on the anterior incisors. Some weeks ago she[...]

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Failing Implant #14: Thoughts on Treatment Plans?

This patient had a crestal sinus bone graft and implant placed in #14 site about 5 years.  The patient does not have any symptoms,[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Mandible implant rehabilitation: opinions?

I would like to get some input regarding a case that I have to treat with implant supported restorations.  You can see on the[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Implant Identification for All on 6?

These implants were probably placed sometime in l999-2001. I am asking for help in identifying them so I can use them in an All-on-6[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Failure in distal implant: suggestions?

I placed two implants in this patient.  One month later, the distal implant was about to exfoliate without any pain, just inflammation of the[...]

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Bone graft in preparation for implants: recommendations?

I have a 51 year old healthy female referred for grafting to allow implants in areas #26 and #27. Thoughts on this case?[...]

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