Clinical Cases Surgical

Is an immediate implant possible in this region?

This patient presented with a vertical fracture in 25 and it is non-restorable.[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Thread exposure of Adin implant: suggestions?

The oral surgeon placed an Adin implant three months ago in the upper left lateral region. The patient returned with the threads exposed.[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Distants between implants considerable: long-term success?

I placed 2 implants in the maxillary right posterior quadrant using an indirect sinus lift without bone grafts. I am concerned about a few issues.[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Implant very close to natural tooth: remove or wait?

When I installed the implant, I fractured the buccal cortical plate.  In the final periapical radiograph, I noted that the implant was very close[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Sinus perforation and insertion torque: feedback?

My patient presented placement of an implant replacing tooth #4. Examination revealved that the patient had pneumatized sinus floor in close proximity to where[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Flapless guided implant: Will this fail?

I placed my first flapless guided implant a couple of weeks ago. I am concerned about the crestal bone loss on the mesial aspect.[...]

Clinical Cases

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