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Implant Grafting Techniques: Demineralized Sponge Strip and Tunneling

This video reviews several unique grafting and surgical techniques, including the use of demineralized cancellous sponge strip to graft a thin ridge, and a[...]

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Best way to rescue this implant case?

The papillae are now of acceptable appearance for the patient, but here is still approximately 2mm Soft tissue deficiency. What are the options for[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Failing implants in lateral incisors with esthetic problems: Suggestions ?

On the right side, it's possible to see that both canine and central incisors have their soft tissues contours compromised due to the bone[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Implant in traumatic tooth case: options?

This case started with a traumatic tooth. Months after there is still no bone around apical third of implant.[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Alveolar canal extension: risk probability with implants?

In this mandible, especially on the right side, there is an a typical extension of the inferior alveolar nerve.  What is the risk of[...]

Clinical Cases Surgical

Atrophic maxilla: Recommendations?

I just received this panoramic  X ray and I would like to hear your opinion. I don't perform zygomatic implants and the patient does[...]

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