Dry Socket Paste substitute?

There seems to be a shortage of dry socket paste. My favorite was from Sultan. Anyone have suggestions for a substitute or componding?

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Robert Jenkins
Alveogyl by Septodont is hard to beat.
Michael Sitters
I believe the FDA removed that product from the USA market many years ago. If I am mistaken please let me know where it can be purchased here in the the US. Since Sultan's Dry Socket Paste is not available I use Prescription Eugenol placed on plain 1/4" sterile gauze packing straps
Tim Carter
I was not aware that any of the pastes were worth a flip since they all just wash out and taste horrible. I am a fan of good technique to minimize the situation but when necessary it is hard to beat eugenol on gauze
Pankaj Narkhede DDS MDS
Alveogyl is awesome
Aquiles Mas
Iā€™m with Tim on this. šŸ‘