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Distally positioned upper left 2nd molar implant: options?

Last Updated Tue Dec 01 2020
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

This is my 2nd implant case. Implant was placed in the upper left 2nd molar position with internal sinus lift. After the operation, with control x-ray, I found out that the implant is quite distally positioned. The distance between buccodistal root of 1st molar and mesial aspect of the implant seems to be 5 mm at least. I am quite concerned about the prosthetic prognosis in this way, due to mesial cantilever effect of implant crown and food stuck in the future.

I have deeply considered about either removing the implant out and positioning more mesially again or as a compromise adding some composite resin on distal surface 1st molar, approximately 2mm thickness with anatomical shape and making crown on the implant.

The used implant is Nobel Biocare, cc parallel with size of 4.3 × 8.5. The primary stability was 15 N. The operation has been done a day before this case post.

I would like to get some advices on this issue from others that my have more experience.

Thank you.

Distally Positioned Implant 2 case-79-1 molar implant
Distally Positioned Implant 1 case-79-2 molar implant

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