3rd party abutment for Neoss Implant?


I am in somewhat of a unique issue. Last year in August 2020, I travelled from Canada and got my implant placed by a dentist in the US. I was told to come back after six months in February 2020. Well my circumstances greatly changed. I found myself back in Canada, and as you all may have heard, Canada now has strict travel restrictions which includes $2000 mandatory 3-day hotel quarantine. This is greatly preventing me from travelling to the US to see my dentist. I contacted a local dentist in Canada and told him my situation. He asked for my implant details. I told him it is Neoss- Proactive Tapered, ref: 21240. He said this brand is not available in Canada and even if I provide him with the abutment part for this brand, the regulations in Canada would not allow him for using this part. This didn't really make sense to me but I am just going to take his word for it. He said he will contact his supplier to see if he can get a 3rd party part. Shortly afterwards he calls to let me know that he has found a 3rd party compatible abutment for my implant. My concern is, is it a good idea to use a 3rd party abutment especially with a high quality implant like Neoss? He did not tell me what part is. This would also void my implant warranty, correct? Are there any risks I should be wary or any other questions that I should be asking my dentist? Is it better for me to just wait out a couple of months more to see if the travel situations improve so I can just to back to dentist in the US? or am I putting my implant at risk by waiting for more than 6 months?