Periimplantitis on Bicon Implant Post 2 years?


I have placed the Bicon implant subcrestal and some 2 years later I have this. I wonder if I could have your opinions on this case of bone loss around the Bicon implants. The patient has only this side to masticate and there is no contralateral teeth. I know there is heavy occulsion on the implants as well. There was pus as well around the LL6 implant. Why?? Or this just happens? I was thinking of removing the superstructure , clearing by etching the surface , placing Ethoss and then PRF over this and seeing the bone would grow back. It has worked for me before. Or explant and placing again? after Increase in vertical height and then ensure i have bilateral balanced occlusion. Maybe so to signal crowns? so better cleaning. Does anyone else have this?