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Rotating crown and abutment: advice?

Last Updated Tue Jan 05 2021
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have cemented a crown on an implant with long term temporary cement. When I screwed the abutment, the final screwing with the hand screwdriver rotated a little the abutment - so that I cannot fix the crown in the right position. After minutes of 'ultramilimetric positioning' I found the right position, and I cemented the crown (no , it is not a screwed-retained crown). Now the patient came back to the office because the crown is rotating. I have tried to take it off, but it didn't come out and I didn't want to force very hard. What solutions do you advise? 1. take off the crown and 2. make the abutment to do not rotate? The implant brand is Anthogyr.

Rotating crown and abutment : X-rayRotating crown and abutment

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