Immediate Implant Placement with Guided Bone Regeneration

Case Posted By:  Dr. Daniel Gober

The video case below concerns a case with a Fractured #29 and missing #30, with an immediate implant.

In this video case, Fractured #29 and missing #30 were treated. #29 was extracted and an immediate implant was placed along with an implant in site #30. A challenging (but predictable) bone defect was present at the extraction site which was regenerated using a combination of bone allograft and a resorbable collagen membrane. You will notice in this video that there was a fenestration defect that turned into a dehiscence defect that we need to pay special attention to. But, because the implant is placed well within the alveolar housing we should expect this area to regenerate predictably. Another quick tip you learn in the video is that a good way to stabilize the membrane is to cut a slit at top of the membrane and slide it over the healing abutment.