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Couldn't torque the implant all the way in flush with the bone?

Last Updated Sun Dec 20 2020
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I had this case today where the bone was very very dense. Was using a Nobel kit and even though I was drilling double the recommended speed, it took me a good amount of time to get to the recommended length. This was in a tricky area close to the ID nerve and patient started feeling sensation and "ache" as I was getting closer to the 2mm zone from the ID canal. Anyways, I was placing an RP Nobel 8mm but couldn't get the implant flush with the bone, took the implant out went to the WP drill and placed the implant again, still couldn't get it flush on the buccal side. The radiograph looks very bad and to be honest I couldn't do anything else as I ran out of options. Can you please let me know what I did wrong? Is this going to be a major issue in the future and if I can rectify it? Thanks a lot in advance.

RadiographRP Nobel 8mm

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