Food Impaction with Implants?

R., a dental implant patient, asks:

I recently had a dental implant placed for #14 and the first permanent crown was a giant food trap. A new crown was made, but food is still getting in the margins. It is definitely not as bad as the first one, but I feel that the implant and the gums around it should feel like the rest of my gums. I still trap lots of food around the dental implant crown. Can anything be done to correct this?

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2 thoughts on “Food Impaction with Implants?

  1. It is difficult to say one way or another without pictures and/or radiographs.

    Ideally the gums should feel similar to a real tooth. However, there are many reasons why the tooth and gums may be different – all reasons are with the normal scope of dental implant placement and restoration.

    If you can post some pictures and radiographs someone may be able to help further.

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