MRI After Dental Implant Placement: Can Patients Get One?

Dr. P asks:
I have more and more patients that are asking if they can have a MRI after dental implant placement. I always assumed that dental implants were non magnetic and the prosthetic components were also not a problem. Are there dental implants that may cause damage to patients during an MRI other than just distorting the image? How about full arch prosthetic rehabilitation that has significant amount of metal ( non precious ,semi precious , precious.)? Can this be a problem?

2 thoughts on “MRI After Dental Implant Placement: Can Patients Get One?

  1. Dr P:
    You are correct in assuming that non-magnetic alloys such as dental implants, amalgam, dental alloys are not a problem.
    The may distort the image if the area of concern is adjacent to them, the more metal, the more likely some distortin will occur.
    Regardless of the type of metallic implant, if considering an MRI, the MRI personnel should be notified.

  2. Dr P:
    what really matters is how powerful the magnetic field is. usually fields of 1-1.5 tisla dont harm the prosthetic parts nor dental implants, but fields of 2 tislas should be avoided as possible.

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