Dental Implants: Can They Be Removed?

I am 20 years old and a bit afraid to get a dental implant. I am wondering if this procedure is reversible? If I get dental implants, can they be removed at a later date if there are problems?

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  1. It is certainly possible to remove a dental implant. However, this is extremely rare unless there is a specific problem with it. Removal involves a careful trephine technique which usually takes 5-10 minutes Dr. Kazemi

  2. To clarify your question.
    Placing a dental implant is a reversible procedure up to a point.
    Bone is removed and may be lost when placing an implant that may not be able to be replaced.
    If you are one of a small percentage of people that has a problem with an implant and needs to remove it, there are several ways of doing it, from trephines to diamond burs to laser techniques, etc…
    If you have good oral hygiene and are not a smoker, an implant should be the best way to replace the molar, and a very long lasting and successful procedure.
    Also remember that an implant does not damage the adjacent teeth like a bridge, and helps you keep the bone from shrinking at the extraction site.
    Good luck!
    Carlos A. Boudet, DDS, DICOI

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