Dental Implants: Expected Life Span Expectancy?

I am getting two implants for lower front teeth. I am wondering what the typical life expectancy for dental implants for front lower teeth is? How long can I expect these implants to last?

One thought on “Dental Implants: Expected Life Span Expectancy?

  1. I tell my patients that their implants can last a life time if:1. It is properly placed with precision
    2. The implant type is appropriate
    3. Brand name implants are used (not clones)
    4. The bone is healthy
    5. Health is good
    6. Patient has proper hygiene
    7. Patient sees their dentist every 4 months for check up and cleaning
    8. The crown is made properly and with precision
    9. The abutment (that supports the crown) is customThese are most of the very important factors in long term success.dr. kazemi

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