Dental Implants Failure: What Are the Symptoms?

I just had a dental implant placed(#18) two weeks ago. Since the placement, I have been becoming increasingly more uncomfortable everyday. I have throbbing in my jaw, a horrid taste in my mouth, foul smell, and some sort of sore. I really want this implant to work, and so I'm wondering what the symptoms are for failure of dental implants? Is what I am experiencing normal? What would be abnormal and indicate failure? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Dental Implants Failure: What Are the Symptoms?

  1. The symptoms of implant failure are persistent pain, mobility of the implant, bone loss on the X-Ray greater than 50%, and purulence that can’t be resolved. What you are experiencing could be a soft tissue problem around the implant. I would have the dentist that placed the implant look at the soft tissue first if you haven’t already. Hope that helps,Michael Tischler, DDS

  2. Treatment of this progressive infection is already overdue. It has been present since placement and should be treated by an experienced implant practicioner immediately.The signs and symptoms described are not common if you were placed on antibiotics pre and post-op and were prescribed a disinfectant rinse(Chlorhexidene). Tenderness and mobility would indicate a failing fixture.The initial weeks after placement are critical for healthy cells to attach themselves to a uncontaminated implant surface.I hope this was helpful.Theodore M Grossman DMD

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