DALI Acellular Dermis as a Membrane Substitute

Case Posted By:  Dr. Daniel Gober

This video demonstrates the use of DALI acellular dermis as a substitute for a standard membrane in a case of contour augmentation.

This video shows a case using DALI Acellular Dermis as a substitute for a standard membrane in contour augmentation around dental implants. The patient presented missing tooth #13 and a severe ridge deficiency. After a new implant was placed, and after considering the buccal bone situation, a decision was made to proceed with a countour augmentation procedure. DALI Mineralized Cortical Cancellous Allograft was placed in front of the buccal bone, and then DALI Acellular Dermis was used instead of a barrier membrane. At 3 months post-op, a comparison of before and after pictures, shows a very satisfactory increase of ridge contour as result of emplyoying the use of DALI Dermis, as opposed to a standard membrane.

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