DALI Acellular Dermis

Compares to Alloderm and Puros Dermis. Available in 1cmx1cm (1mm - 1.3mm thickness)

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Acellular dermal matrix (ADM) or acellular dermis, has the natural elasticity of human skin. It is generally used for root coverage, gingival augmentation, or soft tissue augmentation around implants, when a CTG or FGG with autogenous tissue is not an option. DALI ™ ADM, from DDSGadget, is provided by Surgenex, a leading provider of the highest quality tissue allografts.

  • Compare to Alloderm 1 and Puros Dermis1
  • No Refrigeration - Store At Room Temperature 
  • Minimally processed to preserve the extracellular matrix
  • Can be shaped with scissors or a scalpel
  • Thickness approximately 1mm to 1.3 mm
  • Resorption: 3 to 4 months

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