Endoseal MTA

Regular Price: $158.99
Equivalent to AH Plus Bioceramic Sealer. Sold in 2g Syringe 1EA/1package + 20 Needles (24 gauge tip). The caps of Endoseal MTA are single-use only. Never reuse it!

ENDOSEAL MTA is a paste-type root canal sealer and filler that has excellent physical and biological properties. Setting time of under 13 minutes! No mixing!

  • Sold in 2g Syringe 1EA/1package + 20 Needles (24 gauge tip)
  • Indicated as a root canal filler and sealer
  • Fast setting time: under 13 minutes!
  • Premixed and pre-loaded in a syringe: No powder/liquid mixing required!
  • Outstanding flowability and maneuverability: completely fill the root canal system including accessory and lateral canals
  • Eugenol-free
  • Strong antibacterial effects
  • Promotion of hard tissue formation
  • No postoperative pain after overfilling
  • Complete apical sealing

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