Kerator IOS Overdenture Attachment Kit for Zimmer Screw Vent 3.3 / 3.7/ 4.1, Implant Direct, Biohorizons

Brand:Kerator IOS
Contains abutment with carrier, and complete Male Processing Kit.

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Regular Price: $99.00

Kerator IOS Overdenture Attachments for Zimmer Screw Vent 3.3 / 3.7/ 4.1 implants and Implant Direct Legacy, Biohorizons.

Zimmer Screw Vent is one of the most popular types of platforms. They are compatible with many other systems that are clones of the popular Zimmer Screw Vent, including: Implant Direct Legacy, Biohorizons, Prodigy 3.5 (yellow)

Astra Tech ST, 4.0 These Kerators

Each KERATOR Attachment Kit for the Zimmer Implant System, comes with:

  • An abutment with carrier, and
  • A complete Male Processing Kit (Metal Housing, White Spacer,  and 3 Retention Caps).

Please select select your Zimmer Implant type below, then select your tissue cuff height.

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