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Best way to rescue this implant case?

Last Updated March 27, 2018
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

To replace a lost failed post-crown, a Straumann BLT 3.3 x 12mm Implant was placed early at 5-6 weeks after the tooth was removed. The implant was placed 1mm subcrestal with a thin intact buccal plate. I was anticipating a little bone loss, but I got a bit more than I had bargained for, and we lost the papillae. For the past few months I have been altering the contact points on the temporary crown to promote papillae formation and the papillae have now filled in a little. I have now managed to reform the mesial papilla and greatly improved the distal papilla. This may be at it’s limit of improvement or there could possibly be a little scope to improve it further. Unfortunately I cannot find the latest picture showing this and so have sketched the latest appearance. The papillae are now of acceptable appearance for the patient, but there is still approximately 1 1/2 -2mm Soft tissue deficiency. What are the options for improving this further?

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