Dental Implants for Pregnant Patients: Protocol?

Dr. F. asks:

If a female patient is pregnant, when is the safest time frame to surgically place dental implants? Since site development is usually involves more extensive surgery, should I defer this until
after the patient has delivered? Also any materials should I not use in female patients who are planning to be pregnant or are pregnant to avoid any ill effects on the developing fetus? Thanks.

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6 thoughts on “Dental Implants for Pregnant Patients: Protocol?

  1. It is advisable to avoid any elective surgical procedure on a pregnant patient, regardless of trimester. Tell the patient to have a healthy baby, finish nursing, and come back when she is ready for implants and bone grafting.

  2. Why would you even consider a completely elective procedure in a pregnant patient? If the pregancy aborts or has complications or if the child is born with the slightest birth defect…. guess who is gonna be calling his malpractice lawyer. We are practicing in a very letigious environment. Don’t set yourself up for avoidable misery. Don’t walk…. Run away! Believe me if she wants implants now she will want them in 8 to 9 months. Delay your gratification.

  3. Dear Dr., Out of respect and curiosity why an implant on a pregnant woman ? Is esthetics an issue? just wondering !

  4. Again , the definition in my opinion , of a good doctor is one who knows when and when not to operate . To consider elective surgery in this situation is outrageous . You can safely place implants immediately after delivery, if the pt isn’t breast feeding and if she is , have her save some milk and dump for two days. I quess the only indication for placing an implant in a pregnant patient , is if a tooth was avulsed, and you were placing an immediate implant under local. I would suggest an edited consent and discussion with the pt’s obgyn. Bv

  5. I am in accord with Baker but i would to add that in this situation before the immediate implant i use to insert in the cavity first idrocortisone and then cephalosporine but only the powder part absolute cristalline and without other component; so you cann avoid complications and have only local effects
    after five seven minutes with provvisory tampon, you can insert the implant,

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