Dental Implants: Unpredictable Problems


While practicing implant dentistry, no matter how careful we are in performing procedures, unpredictable events and problems occur.

A real life example: While performing a procedure, the assitant knocks the driver out of my hand and the patient thinks they swallowed the driver. Actually, the patient is sure they swallowed the driver. What would you do? Would you send the patient for a chest XRay? Would you wait for something else? Would it be appropriate to have the patient check their stool?

Another interesting simple problem, and yet difficult to deal with, is when a cover screw strips so you can not remove it with the appropriate driver. On occasion, I have had to use an ultrasonic tip to loosen a cover screw. I have also had to create a slot and use a regular screw driver.

Do you have an interesting problem to share? Let´s talk about some of these unpredictable situations that rear their ugly head and post some solutions (including how I can deal with the patient who may have swallowed the driver). Furthermore, what are some of the steps people may take to avoid these these small complications?