Dull ache from implant: how to manage?

Last Updated November 11, 2014

Patient is fit and healthy middle aged female. 1 year ago upper front anteriors were lost due to trauma and had implants placed 1 year ago in UR1 and UL1 to support a 4 unit upper anterior bridge. Clinically no mobility, not tender to percussion, soft tissues look excellent, probing depths around implants 3-4mm, no BOP or exudate. She is complaining of a dull ache in the area of 21 implant buccal gingivae base of sulcus, which is relieved when pressing on the gum where the implant apex would be. It is not a pain where it affects her normal function. How would you manage this situation with possible differential diagnosis? I have placed about 40 implants so far, so relatively newish in my experience of dealing with implant problems.


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