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When an implant has no name: recommendations?

Last Updated July 05, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

A 35 year old female patient presented with a wobbly crown that was placed on this implant in #30 site only a week ago. The implant was placed about a year ago. The patient wanted to change offices because of logistics. The cemented crown was cut and removed and a BioHorizon healing abutment was placed. The patient understands that the angulation and implant position is compromised, but wants another crown that should work for as long as possible. If it shows features of an ailing/failing implant, she has accepted the need for replacement with a new implant. Tried talking to the original clinician who placed it, and he does not know the make of the implant. My questions:
1. Can anybody identify the implant system?
2. What is the prosthetic compatibility with other common implants systems?
3. Removal of an integrated implant is traumatic. Should I wait for it to become ailing/failing or should I recommend explanting it now?

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