Can implants that penetrated the sinus cause long term complications?

Last Updated January 07, 2016
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

Here’s my case: I had 3 teeth removed (two upper right molers and one upper left moler). At the same time the dentist attempted to place 4 implants (two either side) immediately after extraction. The two on the upper right breached the sinus and failed to take from the start. I was advised they could take several weeks to settle and take properly. The two on the left were both pushed completely through the sinus, one after the other with fixings attached. I was referred to an oral surgeon immediately after the procedure.

Apart from complete bone loss in the affected area, a sizeable chunk of the sinus wall had to be removed (golf ball sized according to the oral surgeon), in order to extract the two implants. A buccal fat transfer (please excuse me if I have spelled this wrong) was then required to patch up the sinus wall. A subsequent visit to an ENT revealed that the oral surgeon had done a fantastic job under the circumstances. I was informed that I would be prone to infection.

My question is this. How prone to infection and will this ever get better? It has been over 15 months since the initial procedure, I have a permanent lump above the jaw on the left side, I feel constant pressure in that area and am now suffering from extreme migraines. My symptoms appear to be getting worse as time goes on. Getting help and advice is expensive to say the least but I do not know where to turn or how to approach this. My quality of life is drastically lower as a result of this. Any opinions or advice that can help me would be hugely appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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