Automatic Bone Tack Kit

Brand:MCT Bio
Regular Price: $900.00
Includes automatic tack instrument and 21 4.5L tacks.

Effectively secure membranes with the touch of a button with the Automatic Bone Tack kit. The unique handle drives titanium alloy tacks that stabilize the membrane. Watch video below. Want bones screws also? Check out our or our GBR Kit.

Kit includes:

  • Automatic Tack handle, with New Pull Back Mechanism, and
  • 21 Titanium Tacks (4.5mm L, 2.5mm D)
Important: This Automatic Bone Tack holder is only compatible with MCT Bone Tacks. It will not work with other bone tacks. Replacement Bone Tacks can be purchased separately. Only $40 for a pack of 5 Tacks!

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