Red Top Glass Blood Collection Tubes, 10ml, 100/Box

Brand:Becton Dickinson
Regular Price: $179.99
These are plain glass tubes for generating Solid PRF, i.e. PRF Membranes/Plugs. While we do our best to pack these tubes securely, glass is fragile, and ocassionally some tubes will shatter during shipment. If you buy these tubes, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for any shattered glass and we will NOT refund any of the purchase price if by chance some tubes arrive shattered. Please exercise extreme caution when opening a package of glass tubes, and when handling these tubes in your practice.

BD Vacutainer 10mL Glass Tube from with Conventional Stopper. SKU: 366430. Tube Size: 16 x 100mm. Comes 100/BX. Can be used to make PRF membranes and plugs. 

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