BenaCel Dental Dressing

Brand:Unicare Biomedical
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BenaCel Dental hemostatic dressing is perfect for the management of post extraction wound healing, and is recommended for Bleeding Management, Dry Socket Reduction, and Sinus Perforation Repairs.

  • Comparable to SURGICEL ®* Original Absorbable Hemostat
  • Made of biocompatible oxidized cellulose. Contains no chemical additives.
  • Completely resorbable within days  (3 - 7 days)
  • No need to suture in place for conical shape extraction sites
  • Prevents dry socket formation 
  • Non-allergenic, non-pyrogenic and non-immunogenic 
  • Available in 5mm x 7mm (plug) for Anterior site, 6mm x 8mm (plug) for Posterior site, 15mm x 15mm (sheet) for 3rd molar sites

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