Cytoflex Resorb

Last Updated May 14, 2020
Cytoflex Resorb

Cytoflex Resorb is a triple-layered synthetic, microporous resorbable barrier membrane.

  • Completely resorbable
  • Easily Adaptable
  • No Presoaking required.
  • Over 2-month barrier function
  • Non-pyrogenic, non-immunogenic
  • High nutrient permeability
  • High dimensional stability
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Additional Information for Cytoflex Resorb

Cytoflex Resorb membrane: What is it made of?

Cytoflex Resorb membrane is made of biodegradable polyglycolide, polylactide and lactide /glycolide copolymers. These polymers are biocompatible and used in many implant devices, including resorbable sutures and bone fixation screws. Cytoflex Resorb breaks down first by hydrolysis, then by metabolic processes, eventually turning into water and carbon dioxide.

Micro-porous Cytoflex® Resorb membranes consist of three integral layers. The embossed gingival interface layer is designed to promote gingival tissue attachment. The middle layer is constructed of long lasting fabric filament to prevent fibroblast down growth. The defect interface layer is made to enhance adherence to the surrounding defect surface and to prevent fibroblasts from reaching the wound. All three micro-porous layers are structurally integrated, resulting in a flexible membrane with superb handling properties and high nutrient permeability.

Made of biocompatible poly (lactide-co-glycolide) copolymers, Cytoflex® Resorb membrane is non-pyrogenic, non-immunogenic and maintains a barrier framework for over 2 months after implantation. The material is completely dissolved within 6 months. The resorbable membrane does not require a second retrieval procedure.

Cytoflex Resorb membrane: What are the indications?

Cytoflex Resorb was cleared by the FDA for use as a space making barrier in the treatment of periodontal defects, including two or three wall bone defects, class II furcations, recession type defects, circumferential defects, and dehiscence defects associated with dental implants.

Cytoflex Resorb membrane: What are some of the benefits?

Flexible and yet Strong:The flexible barrier membranes are easily adaptable to tissue contours, yet offer sufficient duration to protect the bony defect from the intrusion of bacteria and soft tissue.

Completely resorbable: Composed of synthetic polylactide and polyglycolide copolymers, Cytoflex Resorb barriers are resorbable and do not require a second retrieval procedure.

No pre-soaking required!: Cytoflex Resorb can be trimmed, shaped and administered without pre-soaking.

Non-pyrogenic, non-immunogenic There has been no reported allergic reaction caused by Cytoflex® Resorb membranes.

Cytoflex Resorb Study

The regenerative capacity of Cytoflex® Resorb barriers was evaluated in a beagle dog model. Bilateral infrabony defects were surgically created at the distal aspects of both mandibles in eight beagle dogs. Subsequently, the defects were treated with a GTR procedure using Cytoflex® Resorb barriers. The animals were sacrificed at 4, 8, 16 and 24 weeks post-operation. Histotological analysis (below) demonstrates that Cytoflex® Resorb membranes are effective at regenerating new cementum, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone tissue in the protected infrabony defect. Over time, the regenerated tissues remodeled and organized into matured tissue. Post-operation, wound healing was calm and uneventful. The barrier frame remains largely intact up to 16 weeks and is completely resorbed at 24 weeks after implantation.


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