Bone Tack Kit

Brand:MCT Bio
Bone tack kit is available as Mini (21 long tacks/4.5mm and one holder) or Master (40 Short/3.5 Tacks and 40/4.5 Long Tacks). Choose option below. Check out our popular Premium Automatic Bone Tack Kit.

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Regular Price: $450.00

Stabilize Barrier Membranes with our affordable basic titanium bone tack kit.

  • Kit includes: 1 Bone Tack Holder + Choice of 21 Tacks or 80 Tacks
  • Choose from 21 Tacks (4.5mm L) or 80 Tacks (40 of 4.5mm L & 40 of 3.5mm L).
    All Tacks have 2.5mm D.
  • High Quality Titanium membrane tacks.
  • Easy delivery to surgical site.
  • Convenient Tack storage box.
  • Choose Number of Tacks below (21 Mini Kit or 80 Master Kit).

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